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Ireland’s Got It Out for Plastic Bags

Of all the crackdowns there have been on plastic bag use, Ireland’s might just be the harshest. Environment Minister John Gormley has proposed a three-fold increase in the plastic bag tax in an effort to reduce the use of the bags, which currently cost 22¢ each. The plastic bag tax was introduced in March 2002 and […]

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Plastic Bag News From Around the World

All over the world the debate is raging on: Plastic bags or …not plastic bags? As we discussed last week, Italy started the new year with a ban on polyethylene bags, and dozens of cities in California have also banned plastic bags or placed a fee per bag. Conversely, the mayor of Toronto is considering […]

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Italy Bans Polyethylene Bags

What a way to start off the New Year. Starting January 1, Italy will ban the use of polyethylene plastic bags by retailers. According to Italian critics, “polyethylene bags use too much oil to produce, take too long to break down, clog drains and easily spread to become eyesores and environmental hazards.” Italians use approximately 20 […]

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Make a Christmas Bow Out of Plastic Bags

If you have extra plastic bags stored away, bust them out for some Christmas craftwork! You can make a giftbox bow out of a plastic bag, following these easy steps: 1. Cut the bag in half at the handles. You should try to use a plain white bag, but if there if there is a […]

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Another Plastic Bag/Movie Star

Remember a few months ago, when we posted the short film “Plastic Bag”? Well, we have a new one — the mockumentary, “The Majestic Plastic Bag.” It’s narrated by Jeremy Irons(!) and follows the journey of — you guessed it — a little plastic bag. This bag’s journey is pretty much the same’s as the […]

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Are Plastic Bags Facing the Ax?

Soon-to-be ex-California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is still trying to ban plastic bags. His proposed bag-banning bill floundered earlier this year in the Senate, but he’s determined — so much so that he made a point to put off answering questions that didn’t relate to plastic bags at a news conference Monday. “I’m going to answer […]

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The Right Way to Treat Plastic Bags

Plastic bags have taken a lot of heat due to recent legislation in Los Angeles county banning plastic bags usage. The ban, which will go into effect early in 2012, has recently met with opposition from many a local plastic manufacturer. They say that the EIR has vastly overstated the detrimental effects of plastic bags, […]

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The Lives of Plastic Bags

You’re a plastic bag. After you were born, they shipped you to the factory to hold the fish factory. When they made you hold those salmon cakes you had no idea what you were doing. But that was part of the adventure. Pretty soon, you learned about them, and after that, when you sat in […]

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Give Me Stronger Header Bags or Give Me Death!

Last night when I tried to take out the garbage the bag ripped open. Coffee grounds, six pack cardboard, banana peels – it all spilled out onto the floor and I yelled one of those yells that makes the pigeons six blocks away get up and fly. My brother said, “Don’t despair. Here is a […]

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Remnants of Poly Bags

I live in Brooklyn in an industrial neighborhood. Last night I was walking home on a barren street, darkened with empty parking lots and big squat brick buildings, and lots of barbed wire. The big steel kind that rumbles in circles over the top of a fence. There are lots of instances of this wire. […]

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