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What are Plastic header bags?

Plastic header bags are excellent for all you retail needs. They are stylized products that give your merchandise a unique exterior. Ideal for retail and manufacturer packaging, header bags give your business a professional look and feel at an affordable price. Available in large bulk orders, these Plastic header bags generally have a one to […]

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Guerrilla Marketing Using Newspaper Bags

Guerrilla marketing is defined as an unconventional marketing stunt designed to attract maximum attention to your product. Here are some wacky guerrilla marketing tactics to help you take your business to the next level using newspaper bags. Hire a company mascot to pass out newspapers bags door to door to targeted businesses or customers with […]

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Branding with Promotional Bags

One great way to promote your brand, keep your customers thinking of you and making sure your brand is out working for you even when you are off the clock is promotional bags. Arguably one of the best direct marketing for effective branding, this simple choice can allow your business to stand out among the […]

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Retail Bags for a Safer Earth

Many companies don’t use retail bags because they feel that the plastic is just another way to pollute the environment. However, your branding doesn’t have to stop, when environmental issues are affecting not only your business but our world, it’s time to think outside of the box. Retail bags don’t have to be plastic to […]

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Creative Ways To Leverage Newspaper Bags

Don’t let the recession stiffle your creativity. Many companies believe that newspaper bags have to be for businesses that sell newspapers but there are many other companies that can benefit from newspaper bags. The number one reason companies focus on promotional products is branding. Newspaper bags of smaller sizes are the perfect vehicle trash bags. […]

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Ways to Use Promotional Bags

Promotional bags are a great way to increase your brand awareness and give customers something to take home that they won’t throw away. Many times companies forget that a promotional tote bag is a really good option for many reasons: 1. They help promote business 2. If you own a store they help the environment […]

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Retail Bags for you Brand

Meet Company A and Company B. Company A sells widgets from their store in a small and quiet town in middle America. They have a small but dedicated customer base that seems to be growing at a steady rate despite the recession.Company B is a fortune 500 store that also sells widgets in a heavily […]

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