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Poly Bags for Extended Storage

When it comes to protecting products few things are effective as polypropylene bag and other poly products. This is true not just for protecting the product on the way to clients put also for product storage. Even around the house poly bags can be useful for storing things in your attic or garage. Polypropylene is […]

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How to Attract Customers With A Custom Bag

A custom bag should have a nice design. You can develop it yourself or hire someone to do it for you but either way it should be attractive. Think about it like this. If you saw a custom bag with green beans inside, how would you be attracted to the bag? What colors would make […]

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The Benefits of Polypropylene Bags

If you sell a product, a tangible thing, how do you give it to your customers?  After they’ve purchased it, do you place it in a brown paper bag? Or one of those standard poly bags that says “Thank You” in red lettering. If that’s the case, then you really have some work to do. […]

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Finding a Quality Plastic Bag

Every business owner knows that his brand depends on customer experience. In the retail industry, the experience begins the moment the customer enters the store. However, that experience does not end the moment the customer leaves the store. Once the customer purchases a product, it is the bag that he carries that becomes one of […]

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