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Keeping Baked Goods Fresh with Poly Bags

Bakers pride themselves on the quality of their ingredients, the baking process, and keeping them hot and fresh to satisfy people’s hunger for food.  Keeping them fresh is especially hard when you have to deliver them to grocery stores or other markets.  One of the best ways bakers solve the problem of packaging, storing, and […]

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How to Attract Customers With A Custom Bag

A custom bag should have a nice design. You can develop it yourself or hire someone to do it for you but either way it should be attractive. Think about it like this. If you saw a custom bag with green beans inside, how would you be attracted to the bag? What colors would make […]

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Alexander Parkes and His Plastic Bags

Alexander Parkes grew up under brass. His father made brass locks and he was an apprentice to a brass founder. After he learned about electroplating he took out his first patent when he was twenty-eight, and didn’t stop there. He patented a process of silver plating, so that when Prince Albert visited his plant, he […]

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