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Plastic Bag Art

The green movement has collided with the arts and crafts movement, creating some interesting combinations. People are making their windows out of glass bottles, creating art with found objects and using ecologically friendly art supplies. One of the biggest trends is making things with polypropylene bags. People have been weaving bags into everything from dresses […]

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Recycling Plastic Bags

There are many pros to using poly bags for your products or at your retail establishment. One of the many perks of poly bags is that they are recyclable. You can throw them in the recycling bin with other plastic products or simply re-use them around the house. Your company can get a bit greener […]

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Using Plastic Bags for Groceries

I had to do some grocery shopping yesterday and looking at my shopping list I knew I was going to need a cart and a bunch of plastic bags to carry everything out when I was done.  That said, however, since I had a lot of bags that I collected over the course of many […]

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Shopping with Plastic Bags

I honestly do not know what I would do without plastic bags.  They are just so convenient.  This morning I went to this little corner store nearby and had planned to buy several items at once.  After getting all that I needed and paying for them at the register, the cashier placed all of my […]

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Plastic Packaging Keeping Gadgets Safe

Tis the season to order massive amounts of electronics from the internet. We love few things more in our modern global society than giving the gifts of high tech gadgetry to our friends and family. It is the new national pastime. These days keeping up with the neighbors is less about your aluminum siding and more […]

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The Many Uses for Plastic Bags

Plastic bags. You can cover last night’s pasta in them. Build a bag sculpture. Recycle them. Twist them into a braid. This is a fun game to play with your children. You name something and talk about all of the things you could possibly do with them. It’s a good way to spur entertainment and […]

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Plastic Bags Protect Bike Seats and Backpacks

Plastic bags are awesome. They’re light and waterproof, which allows me to put them on the seat of my bicycle after it’s rained so I don’t get my bum all wet. After using plastic bags a second time I feel less guilty about throwing them away in the garbage. Yesterday, though, I threw one of […]

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Plastic Bags Rap

Bag it up bag it in, let me begin, if you don’t have any plastic bags that’s a dirty sin. Wicketed bags and tape bags alike are all for the taking, you don’t have to fight. Spurn paper, choose plastic and header bags you’ll see will display to all the name of your company. Printed […]

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The Benefits of Polypropylene Bags

If you sell a product, a tangible thing, how do you give it to your customers?  After they’ve purchased it, do you place it in a brown paper bag? Or one of those standard poly bags that says “Thank You” in red lettering. If that’s the case, then you really have some work to do. […]

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