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Plastic Bags Rap

Bag it up bag it in, let me begin, if you don’t have any plastic bags that’s a dirty sin. Wicketed bags and tape bags alike are all for the taking, you don’t have to fight. Spurn paper, choose plastic and header bags you’ll see will display to all the name of your company. Printed […]

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Helping Your Friends With Plastic Bags

Some people like to store them in a closet. Some, in a drawer. For others, plastic bags are stores in a wicker basket right next to the recycling garbage can. But almost anyone who live in an apartment in an urban setting, has some sort of configuration for saving and re-using plastic bags. There’s no […]

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Are You A Small Retail Store? Are You Interested In Branding Your Name On Clear Poly Bags?

If you own a small retail store such as a candy store, grocery store or clothing store, you could be branding your name right now and you don’t even know it! If you have thought about this, maybe you have been hesitant in doing so because you aren’t sure how it will affect your business. […]

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Increase Your Brand Awareness With Poly Bag Packaging

Most businesses know that a chance for promotion is a chance for profiting! For instance, you can actually use polypropylene bags in order to spread word about your business. It’s very functional and a very good marketing tactic as well! Now you can achieve “front-page” visibility in your business with a promotional piece of content […]

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Are Polypropylene Bags Really Green?

Nowadays just about everyone is becoming more and more “green”. People are starting to take the time to get involved with things like recycling, ecology, renewable resource products like windmills and solar panels. However, not everyone actually knows how to recycle specific items such as glass, newspapers, metal, plastic, textiles, and packing materials like polypropylene […]

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Can You Brand Your Business Name On Polypropylene Bags?

When it comes to your business, it’s of the utmost importance that you try to “tag” your brand name wherever you can! Everything from carpets and mats to vehicles you might drive or your employees might drive to the little things like office supplies and even polypropylene bags. These bags are some of the toughest […]

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Do You Run Or Own A Business? Do You Need To Find Wholesale Bags?

As with anything else in life, you need to have to the right tools to do the job – in this case polypropylene bags. These are considered to be some of the toughest duty bags available which is why most companies and businesses carry them. These clear poly bags come in all kinds of colors […]

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