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Selling Food Online

People in their 20s and 30s are spending an increasingly large portion of their paychecks on food. “Foodies” as they are called are people who enjoy fancy foods and are willing to spend money to get them both in restaurants and through retail outlets. Since the young demographic does most of its shopping online, it’s […]

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Other Uses for Plastic Bags

If you have ever done a decent amount of shopping for groceries and such, you might have noticed that you have a very impressive – almost scary – amount of plastic bags.  Most of the time you use the ones you have as ways for guests to carry out leftover food from a party or […]

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Shopping with Plastic Bags

I honestly do not know what I would do without plastic bags.  They are just so convenient.  This morning I went to this little corner store nearby and had planned to buy several items at once.  After getting all that I needed and paying for them at the register, the cashier placed all of my […]

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Why I Use Plastic Mailers

I use plastic mailers all of the time.  These mailers are much more reliable than the average paper envelopes or similar packaging.  There have been many times when I had to walk to the post office to deliver a package or letter and it was raining cats and dogs outside.  I would do my best […]

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Reclosable Bags Are Wonderful

For a long time professionals in the food industry were the only ones with access to air sealed bags.  The process that went into sealing these bags removed all of the air from the bag thereby keeping in a lot of what makes food fresh.  Such bags were expensive in of themselves and the process […]

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Plastic Packaging Keeping Gadgets Safe

Tis the season to order massive amounts of electronics from the internet. We love few things more in our modern global society than giving the gifts of high tech gadgetry to our friends and family. It is the new national pastime. These days keeping up with the neighbors is less about your aluminum siding and more […]

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The Benefits of Newspaper Bags

When I was a kid on my paper route, we didn’t use newspaper bags. I slung my route bags over my shoulder and off I went, a-slingin’ those newspapers onto porches, rain or shine. A lot’s changed since then. Today when I go out to my driveway the newspaper lies there in a yellow or […]

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