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Plastic Envelopes

For delivering items in packaging that is both aesthetically appealing and protective the best choice if plastic envelopes. If your business sends a lot of documents or publications through the mail you should consider the benefits of customized plastic envelopes. No one likes to receive a publication or newsletter dinged and damaged from a brush […]

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Recycle Plastic Bags as Garbage Bags

You may think I’m weird but I really get pleasure out of opening plastic envelopes and throwing them away. Especially when the garbage already smells and it’s that much closer to being filled, or even better, when it’s the last scrap on the pile and I can tie it up in one of the die […]

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Plastic Bags Rap

Bag it up bag it in, let me begin, if you don’t have any plastic bags that’s a dirty sin. Wicketed bags and tape bags alike are all for the taking, you don’t have to fight. Spurn paper, choose plastic and header bags you’ll see will display to all the name of your company. Printed […]

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Plastic Bags: The Materials of Our Lives

Do you have a bag or anything I can put this in? If I had a dollar for every time I’ve asked that. Because sometimes you just need a bag. You can’t carry it any more in your hands – you need poly bags.  They are surprisingly strong, considering they weigh about as much as […]

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