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Plastic Bag Crafts: Making Plarn

Many people can’t see the beauty of a great plastic bag. Others see brilliant opportunity. Those who see this opportunity have begun a trend that is spreading rapidly throughout the country. This trend is making crafts out of plastic bags! Many crafters are turning to reusable materials to make their wares. Perhaps the biggest group […]

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Keeping Baked Goods Fresh with Poly Bags

Bakers pride themselves on the quality of their ingredients, the baking process, and keeping them hot and fresh to satisfy people’s hunger for food.  Keeping them fresh is especially hard when you have to deliver them to grocery stores or other markets.  One of the best ways bakers solve the problem of packaging, storing, and […]

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Plastic Bags and the Progress of Civilization

Sometimes I’m so thankful that things come in plastic bags. I open up my chicken breasts and they are clean and fresh and I dispose the packaging. It’s all made so easy. When people say that all of time is cyclical, I wonder. They didn’t have plastic bags two thousand years ago. They had slavery […]

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Custom Bag Recycling

I was biking down the street today and I saw one of the old green Recycle Program signs. These are a remnant from the ’90s when recycling was taken about as seriously as those signs that said $100 fine for not picking up your dog poop. It brought me back to the innocence of the […]

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Plastic Bags in Tires

I only wish that plastic bags were used for more items. For example, I ride my bike on rubber wheels. Rubber can easily be punctured by glass, and yes, even shards of plastic. I would define this as an example of the four modern elements battle against each other (because you know how the ancient […]

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Plastic Bags Can Be Recycled

We’ve touched on this before on this blog, for example last week when we analyzed the “Take Your Canvas Bags” song by Tim Minchim. This week we’re going to be a little more specific, and go into more detail about how to recycle those alledgedly-environmentally-damaging plastic bags you get from your local supermarket. Often, recycled […]

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