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Your audience deserves to read your Print, not what’s left of it

Do you run a local newspaper or flayer distribution company? Stop finding creative ideas to hand out your paper and get professional with a custom newspaper Poly Bag that will take your business into the next step. Your newspaper can be the best in town, so good that sometimes even dogs like to read it… […]

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Bagvertising II – Get your ideas out of the bag!

Last week, we’ve gone through some interesting bagvertising ideas – just to get your mind going. This time, our dedicated staff searched the internet, inside out, to bring you the best, craziest and most creative bagvertising campaigns that are out there. The first one we’ve got, is a bit R rated, but if you run […]

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Bagvertising – Creative marketing using shopping bags

Marketing a business on a shopping bag is an obvious step for retailers and services out there. But while most companies go for the usual bag with a logo/address/have a nice day/ some companies go with a bold idea that can easily amaze a crowd. Some call it “bagvertising.” Take a look at these innovative […]

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Recycle your Marketing

In our days, being green is pretty cool. People become more and more aware of the environment. We buy green and organic products, we separate paper and plastic for recycling, and we even try to reuse plastic bags or just go to the supermarket with the same old bag over and over again. So why […]

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Direct Marketing Branding

One way small business can make sure their cost is going as planned is to implement smart advertising. Do you already ship your product out to your customers using newspaper bags? If so, why not take advantage of that direct marketing opportunity by focusing making sure your brand stands out? Using custom newspaper bags from […]

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Creative Ways To Leverage Newspaper Bags

Don’t let the recession stiffle your creativity. Many companies believe that newspaper bags have to be for businesses that sell newspapers but there are many other companies that can benefit from newspaper bags. The number one reason companies focus on promotional products is branding. Newspaper bags of smaller sizes are the perfect vehicle trash bags. […]

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Ways to Use Promotional Bags

Promotional bags are a great way to increase your brand awareness and give customers something to take home that they won’t throw away. Many times companies forget that a promotional tote bag is a really good option for many reasons: 1. They help promote business 2. If you own a store they help the environment […]

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Increase Your Brand Using Newspaper Bags

Print is not dead! No matter what every one says there is still something about touching a newspaper or magazine in your hand. Who says you can’t be online and in print? If you have been looking over your options and trying to figure out a way for your potential customers to recognize your publication, […]

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