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Die Cut Bags and Custom Bags

Die cut bags are a big deal because they allow you to hold things with ease. When they are overburdened they can cut into your hand leaving those white lines that show a lack of blood flow and the surrounding areas puffy red from restriction. It is a good idea not to overburden die cut […]

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A Custom Bag (for Fish)

If I had the chance to design a custom bag it would feature a cool graphic on it along with a clever phrase. I’d steer clear of cheesy images, and depending on how clever I could be, I’d make my graphic just words. That is acceptable, and preferable probably, unless you sell fish, or other […]

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Die Cut Bags are Worth It

When I went to London I had a great time. My girlfriend and I went grocery shopping one day, because we were sick of switching between Indian and Chipshops, and we chose a variety of delicious edibles at the local supermarket. Upon checkout and payment, the automated scanner asked us if we wanted a plastic […]

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Recycle Plastic Bags as Garbage Bags

You may think I’m weird but I really get pleasure out of opening plastic envelopes and throwing them away. Especially when the garbage already smells and it’s that much closer to being filled, or even better, when it’s the last scrap on the pile and I can tie it up in one of the die […]

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My Love for Plastic Bags

My favorite part of plastic bags is the way they appear in the city landscape as urban tumbleweed. They float and roll, gathering speed, sometimes they pick up other pieces of garbage  along with them. It’s very interesting to watch how they mimic real tumbleweed as a result of the wind that blows them around […]

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Plastic Bags Rap

Bag it up bag it in, let me begin, if you don’t have any plastic bags that’s a dirty sin. Wicketed bags and tape bags alike are all for the taking, you don’t have to fight. Spurn paper, choose plastic and header bags you’ll see will display to all the name of your company. Printed […]

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Judge a business by its bag! Promote your products with a professional flair

What’s more important than presentation? In business, it is important that you show your products with a professional flair. One simple and effective way to promote your business is by using die cut handle bags. What are they? These are sturdy bags that are made with poly material that is both attractive and useful. They […]

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