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Expanding Your Brand Presence

Marketing departments everywhere always say that expanding your brand’s presence is a major part of expanding your business. By having your logo appear on plastic, wicketed or bread bags, that customers carry out with them, you are actually enrolling all of your customers into your PR department. They’re becoming personal representatives of your brand. They […]

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Are Polypropylene Bags Really Considered The Best Bag For My Business?

First things first – these are some of the strongest bags you are going to see anywhere. If you’re in the retail business and you want to provide your customers with a reliable bag that will tear on their way home, you should defiantly consider poly bags. If you aren’t sure about if these would […]

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What are Polypropylene Bags?

Polypropylene Polypropylene. Wow. Sounds Big. We like to call it Poly, but really, if I had to compare polypropylene bags to anything, I would say that they are like super heavy-duty garbage bags for your home times 15. Poly bags are super strong and with good reason considering they made with polypropylene. This is a […]

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