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Thinking about Poly Bags? Get a Quote!

Thinking about pampering your business with a new bag design? Good for you! Today’s poly bags are really great and fully customizable to best fit your needs. Did you know that each bag can be manufactured with your company’s logo, business motto, or conference insignia and turn into a seamless product that works hand-in-hand with […]

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In Celebration of Polyethylene Bags

Chris Jordan, Plastic Bags In today’s blog we would like to celebrate the reason we are all here for: Polyethylene Bags. Yes, at Excellent Poly Bag Corp., the name says it all. This company has stayed in business for the past six decades by providing customers with superior quality products. The selection of polyethylene and […]

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Judge a business by its bag! Promote your products with a professional flair

What’s more important than presentation? In business, it is important that you show your products with a professional flair. One simple and effective way to promote your business is by using die cut handle bags. What are they? These are sturdy bags that are made with poly material that is both attractive and useful. They […]

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Free advertising with printed plastic bags

We look soooo booooring… If your retail business is looking to utilize untapped advertising space, why not revamp your plastic bags? You know that every inch of advertising costs a lot of money, so why not use the space you’ve got? Apparel stores, footwear stores, electricity and super-markets – all use plastic bags for product […]

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What are Plastic header bags?

Plastic header bags are excellent for all you retail needs. They are stylized products that give your merchandise a unique exterior. Ideal for retail and manufacturer packaging, header bags give your business a professional look and feel at an affordable price. Available in large bulk orders, these Plastic header bags generally have a one to […]

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