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Door Knob Poly Bags

I really love staying in hotels. Ever since I was a little girl, there was nothing more fun than jumping up and down on a newly made and ironed bed or running down the hallway with my ice bucket. When my husband and I recently went on vacation to Vermont, there was something new the […]

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Bagvertising II – Get your ideas out of the bag!

Last week, we’ve gone through some interesting bagvertising ideas – just to get your mind going. This time, our dedicated staff searched the internet, inside out, to bring you the best, craziest and most creative bagvertising campaigns that are out there. The first one we’ve got, is a bit R rated, but if you run […]

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Bagvertising – Creative marketing using shopping bags

Marketing a business on a shopping bag is an obvious step for retailers and services out there. But while most companies go for the usual bag with a logo/address/have a nice day/ some companies go with a bold idea that can easily amaze a crowd. Some call it “bagvertising.” Take a look at these innovative […]

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