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Plastic Bag Art

polypropylene bagsThe green movement has collided with the arts and crafts movement, creating some interesting combinations. People are making their windows out of glass bottles, creating art with found objects and using ecologically friendly art supplies. One of the biggest trends is making things with polypropylene bags.

People have been weaving bags into everything from dresses to cup holder to back packs. Some of these crafters even organize events where they meet with one another to swap tips, show off their work, and explain to new comers how it’s done. Making things with plastic bags is great because your pay nothing for art supplies. It is also fun to use the bags you find to create your own design which will inevitably incorporate whatever design where on the bag. Other crochet or collage with plastic bags, to similar ends.

Once you get down the basics your possibilities are endless. People have made chairs, lamps, and sculptures. You can take comfort in the fact you are creating and saving the planet at the same time. Gusset bags, header bags and just about every other poly bag is your canvas, so get to work! Maybe you will see your piece in a museum one day?

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Poly Bags for Extended Storage

poly bagWhen it comes to protecting products few things are effective as polypropylene bag and other poly products. This is true not just for protecting the product on the way to clients put also for product storage. Even around the house poly bags can be useful for storing things in your attic or garage.

Polypropylene is resistance to water and can easily be sealed air tight. This prevents the growth of mold, dirt build up, pests and other problems. If you are storing products its key you use poly packaging over cardboard boxes which do not protect from any of the above damages. Having products get spoiled in storage can be costly and annoying. Chances are you can just wipe down the packaging and send out the products, no need to re-package.

Around the house people use poly bags for storage all the time. Any bag will do for short term storage though for long term storage something with a zipper seal is best. Companies make vacuum sealable poly bags for long term storage of sensitive items so no need to spend money on expensive storage facilities.  Once the bag has served its purpose you can recycle it and it will be reborn as another plastic bag! How cool is that?

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Plastic Protection

polypropylene bagsYou can only do so much to ensure your product is kept in top shape between its production and it getting into the hands of consumers. The problem is once it leaves the factories you just don’t know. It could be sitting on a palate in the sun for hours or being banged around the back of a delivery truck. That is why polypropylene bags and other forms of plastic packaging are useful. They can provide protection for your products between the manufacturing and consumption phases.

Many industries have already adopted this practice. Electronic components now come in plastic bags lined with special static resistant coatings. Dress shirts come in pressed, vacuum sealed poly bags to prevent staining, tearing and wrinkling. Lots of fancy magazine come wrapped in plastic because if they didn’t they would show up at your door badly battered.

The great thing about polypropylene (other than the fact it is recyclable) is its versatility. There is a reason it is used to package clothing, food, electronics, paper, and just about everything else. Chances are your products could gain a protective edge from plastic packaging. Speak with plastic manufactures to find out a bit more about how you can benefit from proper packaging.

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Selling Food Online

plastic manufacturerPeople in their 20s and 30s are spending an increasingly large portion of their paychecks on food. “Foodies” as they are called are people who enjoy fancy foods and are willing to spend money to get them both in restaurants and through retail outlets. Since the young demographic does most of its shopping online, it’s no surprise that the online food business is thriving. People are buying more specialty foods online today than ever before.

This is a remarkable opportunity for food retailers and entrepreneurs. Many specialty food shops are expanding their online presence and actively courting foodies. The opportunities online are great but there are some issues, namely delivering these products while they are still at the peak of freshness. Things like cheese, vegetables, and meats tend to get worse over time and food conscious consumers won’t be happy with anything less than perfect.

This is why plastic packaging is so important. Properly packed food can be the difference between having a product with a 2-day shelf life and having a product with a 2-week shelf life. This, in turn, can be a deciding factor in whether you can sell your food online. Talk to a plastic manufacturer to find a packaging ideal for you foodstuffs.

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Plastic Bag Crafts: Making Plarn

Many people can’t see the beauty of a great plastic bag. Others see brilliant opportunity. Those who see this opportunity have begun a trend that is spreading rapidly throughout the country. This trend is making crafts out of plastic bags!

Many crafters are turning to reusable materials to make their wares. Perhaps the biggest group of crafts using plastic bags are needle crafts like crochet and knitting. This is because creating plarn (plastic yarn) is so easy and becomes a great medium to work in. You can make everything from stuffed animals to necklaces to hats to handbags out of yarn.

Creating plarn is actually quite easy. In only a few simple steps you can have a string of plastic bag yarn large enough to start creating!

It may look slightly complicated, but it’s really quite simple! You can even use printed plastic bags to make patterns in your crafts! What are you going to make?

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Custom Bags for Retail

header bagToo many stores give out generic and low quality bags made of subpar white plastic with the words “Thank You” emblazoned on the front. That may be fine for the corner store or gas station but if you want people to associate your retail establishment with quality goods you need custom header bags.

Header bags with your store’s logo are an important detail in distinguishing your establishment as one of quality. It may seem like a small detail, but a successful business is built on an attention to detail. It’s one more thing that speaks to your location’s uniqueness, class, and loyalty to your customers. All large successful retail establishments, like Macy’s or Daffy’s, use bags with recognizable logos to get repeat business and raise their public profile.

It also serves to continue promoting your brand. People keep and reuse nice bags for any number of tasks. If they are walking down the street carrying your bag people everywhere are being exposed to your logo. Every time the customer uses the bag they are reminded of the high quality business you run. They are a worthwhile investment and are not much more expensive then the generic bags you are using now.

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Keep Food Fresh

plastic resealable bagMillions of dollars of foodstuffs are thrown out every year.  This is a travesty considering how many people each year go hungry. One small step we can take in the right direction is storing our food in reclosable bags. This will ensure food stays fresher for longer. It also makes food taste better when you do decide to eat it.

Certain foods like baked goods, cheeses, and produce go bad pretty quickly after they are opened. Considering how many servings are in a single unit of most food products it’s no surprise things go bad. Can you eat 200 cookies in 3 days? You could, but do you want to? Chances are you want to save those cookies so you will need to put them in a plastic resealable bag.

If you are a vendor or producer of food you should strongly consider packing your items in plastic packaging that can be sealed. It will make your product last longer and consumers will be happier because they do not need to transfer your food to tupperware to store it. Resealable plastic packaging is recyclable just like other plastic bags, which is another plus. Don’t force your customers to gorge themselves, give them the option to save food.

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Recycling Plastic Bags

poly bagThere are many pros to using poly bags for your products or at your retail establishment. One of the many perks of poly bags is that they are recyclable. You can throw them in the recycling bin with other plastic products or simply re-use them around the house. Your company can get a bit greener by using recyclable poly bags.

Poly bags can be melted and turned into new poly bags. You should make sure that your customers know they can put the bags in with the rest of their plastic recycling. People feel good about recycling. You can go one step further and offer slight thicker, reusable poly bags with your store’s logo. People are increasingly substituting durable poly bags for tote bags. It certainly won’t hurt your company to have people walking around with your company’s logo hanging from their shoulder.

You can also simply reuse polyethylene bags in your home. Use them to pack a lunch, wrap up a change of clothes or any number of other handy tasks. Poly bags are especially useful for foodstuffs. You don’t want your pasta spilling into your bag but getting a bit of sauce on a disposable bag is no problem. The perks associated with poly bags are numerous.

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Using Plastic Bags for Groceries

Plastic bagsI had to do some grocery shopping yesterday and looking at my shopping list I knew I was going to need a cart and a bunch of plastic bags to carry everything out when I was done.  That said, however, since I had a lot of bags that I collected over the course of many months, I decided to bring as many as I could.  I take recycling very seriously and decided to make use of the bags I already had.  I made sure to stuff a bunch of them into my coat pocket.

Whenever I shop for groceries I always start out at the vegetables and fruits aisle; I grabbed carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, and a bag of red delicious apples.  From there I went over to the nearby meat and produce section and bought several pounds of beef, steaks, and chicken.  These are going to eventually be grilled.  Next came the condiments: sea salt, ground black pepper, oregano, sriracha, ketchup, and hot sauce.  I love to cook so these are necessary.  Once that was done I went over to the household aisle and grabbed a few things for the bathroom and kitchen.  Then I went over to the register, paid, and made sure to hand over my plastic bags to the cashier to reuse.

When shopping, be sure to be practical and reuse your bags.

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Other Uses for Plastic Bags

Plastic bagsIf you have ever done a decent amount of shopping for groceries and such, you might have noticed that you have a very impressive – almost scary – amount of plastic bags.  Most of the time you use the ones you have as ways for guests to carry out leftover food from a party or you use them again the next time you go shopping.  But there are a bunch of other ways to reuse your plastic bags.  You can use them like:

The usefulness of plastic bags is highly underestimated but hopefully this will give you some ideas.

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