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Resealable Bags: The Best Option for Food-Based Businesses

We have all had bad experiences with food packaging. You get home from a long day at work and scour your pantry for something sweet to boost your energy. You find some cookies but you are sorely disappointed when you bite into one only to find it is rock hard. Reclosable bags can prevent this […]

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Poly Bags for Extended Storage

When it comes to protecting products few things are effective as polypropylene bag and other poly products. This is true not just for protecting the product on the way to clients put also for product storage. Even around the house poly bags can be useful for storing things in your attic or garage. Polypropylene is […]

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Selling Food Online

People in their 20s and 30s are spending an increasingly large portion of their paychecks on food. “Foodies” as they are called are people who enjoy fancy foods and are willing to spend money to get them both in restaurants and through retail outlets. Since the young demographic does most of its shopping online, it’s […]

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Keep Food Fresh

Millions of dollars of foodstuffs are thrown out every year.  This is a travesty considering how many people each year go hungry. One small step we can take in the right direction is storing our food in reclosable bags. This will ensure food stays fresher for longer. It also makes food taste better when you […]

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Reclosable Bags Are Wonderful

For a long time professionals in the food industry were the only ones with access to air sealed bags.  The process that went into sealing these bags removed all of the air from the bag thereby keeping in a lot of what makes food fresh.  Such bags were expensive in of themselves and the process […]

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Plastic Resealable Bags Changed Eating!

It’s strange to think but there was a time that every time you needed to eat something you would go to specialty stores for each item. A butcher would give you meat, you would buy your produce from one dealer and dairy from another. It could not have been very convenient. The frequent trips were […]

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Plastic Packaging Keeping Gadgets Safe

Tis the season to order massive amounts of electronics from the internet. We love few things more in our modern global society than giving the gifts of high tech gadgetry to our friends and family. It is the new national pastime. These days keeping up with the neighbors is less about your aluminum siding and more […]

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Deposit Bags For Busy Business

Business owners are hopefully experiencing a much needed up-tick in business these past few weeks. The holidays are among us and we are shopping at a furious clip buying all the things that some much needed belt tightening has kept away from us all year. Now is our chance to get out there and be […]

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