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Some Creative Uses for Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are not just for carrying out groceries, produce, or whatever items you picked up from the store, they can be used for other purposes as well.  Instead of just throwing away your extra plastic bags you can use them in the following ways: Instead of buying dedicated trash bags, use plastic ones as […]

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Poly Bags for Extended Storage

When it comes to protecting products few things are effective as polypropylene bag and other poly products. This is true not just for protecting the product on the way to clients put also for product storage. Even around the house poly bags can be useful for storing things in your attic or garage. Polypropylene is […]

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Plastic Protection

You can only do so much to ensure your product is kept in top shape between its production and it getting into the hands of consumers. The problem is once it leaves the factories you just don’t know. It could be sitting on a palate in the sun for hours or being banged around the […]

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Reclosable Bags Are Wonderful

For a long time professionals in the food industry were the only ones with access to air sealed bags.  The process that went into sealing these bags removed all of the air from the bag thereby keeping in a lot of what makes food fresh.  Such bags were expensive in of themselves and the process […]

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Keeping Baked Goods Fresh with Poly Bags

Bakers pride themselves on the quality of their ingredients, the baking process, and keeping them hot and fresh to satisfy people’s hunger for food.  Keeping them fresh is especially hard when you have to deliver them to grocery stores or other markets.  One of the best ways bakers solve the problem of packaging, storing, and […]

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