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The Advantages of Plastic Tote Bags

polypropylene bagsChances are you have seen people in your neighborhood walking around with tote bags from various charity drives and local organizations. Tote bags are great for summer because they are light and easy to carry. Not to mention they are very fashionable right now. Giving your customers totes is a sure-fire way to ensure they are walking around with your logo dangling from their shoulder. Consult a plastic manufacture about getting affordable tote bags made.

Many successful businesses from PBS to Whole Foods already offer plastic tote bags. They are especially useful if you are in retail because you can ask your customers to bring them back whenever they shop. It means you have to give out fewer bags and they are sporting something with your logo. Your customers will also be happy you are saving plastic and being environmentally friendly.

The great thing about tote bags is their reusability. Even the most durable of polypropylene bags will wear and tear after a few uses. Offering a tote bag allows you to give your customers something with more permanence. Although they are marginally more expensive than more disposable poly bags they are a worthwhile investment. Especially now that it is summer and some many people are wearing tote bags.

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Posted on: Monday, June 11th, 2012 at 4:39 pm

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