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Trade Show Bags

custom plastic bagsMake sure you have plenty of custom plastic bags for your next trade show. Branding is important and nothing circulates your brand better than some poly bags emblazoned with your company’s logo. Everyone who stops at your booth will be walking around with a bag that has your logo on it, you simply cannot beat advertising like that.

Custom plastic bags lend an air of professionalism and memorability to your company. Giving a plain plastic bag just isn’t going to cut it. Go into any large retailer and you will get a custom bag. When you take that bag home and reuse it you think of where you got it. The same will be true of the plastic bags you give out at trade shows. Even if customers do not call you immediately you will be on their mind whenever they use your bag.

When ordering a custom bag you can control more than just the logo. You can control the colors, opacity of the materials, dimensions, and style of bag. Do you want a bag with a rope closure? What about something resealable?  Talk to a plastic manufacturer before your next trade show to discuss some options. Chances are it is more affordable than you think!

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Posted on: Monday, May 21st, 2012 at 4:17 pm

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