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Protective Poly Mailers

poly mailersPoly mailers are the ideal choice for sending business materials undamaged. They can withstand water, temperature change and rough handling without being damaged. If you are sending sensitive materials through the mail, don’t risk damaging them with ordinary envelopes.

Excellent Poly offers a number of poly mailers so finding one ideal for your product is easy. They offer re-sealable zip closures, adhesive closures, reinforced poly bags and other customization features. Most high end businesses already use poly mailers. High-end magazines, corporate materials and other items are just too costly to risk damaging. How many times have you received a publication in the mail that was battered beyond recognition? Make sure this never happens to your customers.

Poly mailers also have more visual appeal to customers. Chances are you get a lot of junk mail in nondescript envelopes. When you use poly mailers you can customize them with your logo and have them stand out amidst the mail box clutter.

In just about 3 weeks Excellent Poly can have your custom poly mailers printer and ready to go. In emergency situations they can have them delivered in just two weeks. For non-printed bags, that time can be as short as 3 days! Order now and stop worrying about goods being damaged in transit.

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Posted on: Monday, May 7th, 2012 at 11:22 am

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