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Gusset Bags: For Hard to Package Items

gusset bagFor bulky or hard to package items, gusset bags are ideal. They are ideal for items with multiple parts, irregularly shaped items and filling with candy or other foodstuffs. They are highly customizable and you can most definitely find one to suit your needs.

Gusset bags are also ideal for heavy duty items. They can be made with reinforced plastic, should you need it. You can also get smaller, thinner ones for less money. Gussets bags’ high level of customization is the reason behind their popularity. Chances are you have bought foodstuff, gift baskets, and a number of other products in gusset bags. Like all poly bags, gusset bag are completely recyclable which is something your customers will appreciate.

Gusset bags are available in multiple styles depending on your needs. You can get a regular top that ties shut or you can add a special adhesive or zipper to close the pouch. You can opt for clear plastic or get your logo, assembly direction, or other information emblazoned on the bag. You can opt for a flat bottom, like a brown lunch bag, or get a more conventional bag shape. You can talk to plastic manufactures about finding gusset bags what will be ideal for you products.

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Posted on: Tuesday, May 29th, 2012 at 3:02 pm

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