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Bakery Bags

poly bagsThe food service industry is among the most difficult to find success in. Competition is fierce and today’s consumer has a sophisticated palate. Baking is especially precarious because your products have such a short shelf life. Bakeries that cannot sell or package their goods the same day often throw them out. Even the most delicate meat and fish lasts longer than 24 hours! That is why making sure you have packing bags is important.

Poly bags can dramatically increase the shelf life of your products. The extra time they keep baked goods fresh can be the difference between being able to send such goods to a new state overnight and having to send them to the dump at night. Packaging items right as they leave the oven locks in the fresh bakery aroma and keeps baked goods moist and fresh.

If your local bakery started to develop a reputation, you need to get poly bags for your baked goods. It is the key to getting into new, distant markets. Some of America’s biggest bakeries started as small town, single operations. Maybe your company could be next? It’s all a matter of making sure people can try your products at the peak of freshness.

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Posted on: Tuesday, May 15th, 2012 at 9:54 am

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