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Recycling Plastic Bags

poly bagThere are many pros to using poly bags for your products or at your retail establishment. One of the many perks of poly bags is that they are recyclable. You can throw them in the recycling bin with other plastic products or simply re-use them around the house. Your company can get a bit greener by using recyclable poly bags.

Poly bags can be melted and turned into new poly bags. You should make sure that your customers know they can put the bags in with the rest of their plastic recycling. People feel good about recycling. You can go one step further and offer slight thicker, reusable poly bags with your store’s logo. People are increasingly substituting durable poly bags for tote bags. It certainly won’t hurt your company to have people walking around with your company’s logo hanging from their shoulder.

You can also simply reuse polyethylene bags in your home. Use them to pack a lunch, wrap up a change of clothes or any number of other handy tasks. Poly bags are especially useful for foodstuffs. You don’t want your pasta spilling into your bag but getting a bit of sauce on a disposable bag is no problem. The perks associated with poly bags are numerous.

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Posted on: Monday, March 5th, 2012 at 12:16 pm

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