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Why We Should Be Happy With Polyethylene Bags

polyethylene bagsAh tell you what. Erryone’s gettin excited bout the double dip recession, how the markets gonna crash an all that, but ain’t no need to get preoccapied. Thing is, long as we have plastic bags, some good ol polyethylene bags, nothin bad’s gonna happen.

See the You-Nited States became the greatest country in the world over the past fifty years. It’s hard to maintain bein the best, but you can bet we’ll go on doin just that for as long as we can. But naow, we already have all the best things in the world. Our roads’s paved, we got iPods an flat screen TeeVees an wicketed bags an thas a heckuva lot more than what they got in China.

So in the meanwhile, while everyone’s protestin down there on Wall St. just remember that all that’s left is to stay happy. Sure you may not make as much money as your parents did, but heck, you gotta higher living standard than them. It’s hard to always keep risin, so why doan we just start bein satisfied.

If you want real freedom, move out west with me where the plastic bags are the new tumbleweeds and you can lay a claim on the land. Then you’ll see how easy you got it.

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Posted on: Tuesday, October 4th, 2011 at 11:03 am

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