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How Plastic Bags May Evolve

plastic bagsIt’s no secret that plastic bags, in all their incarnations, from newspaper bags to self seal bags, are widely taken for granted. Most people are quick to forget the strength of plastic bags, focusing instead on the improper ways people dispose of them. But a hundred years ago they didn’t use plastic bags they way we do today. They used paper and metal, cutting down trees and deforesting huge areas in the Western United States. Plastic bags barely existed and they sure didn’t hand them out when you went shopping.

What will they take for granted in another hundred years? What tool or material will come to the point where most people use it every day, for multiple different uses, and forget that they are doing so? It’s impossible to tell really.

In a hundred years they may have developed a synthetic material strong enough to make homes that will last a thousand years. They could have a material that cools during the summer and warms during the winter, a material that will create and save energy. If the research for such a material begins, guess where they’ll look to start: that’s right, plastic. Plastic is going to evolve into whatever we want it to be. You heard it here first.

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Posted on: Monday, August 22nd, 2011 at 8:59 am

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