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Carrying Plastic Bags and Their Appeal

plastic bagsI was watching a movie the other night from the mid-90s and the main characters were taking in their groceries from the car in big paper bags. It made the movie seem surprisingly dated. I enjoyed it, though. Good movie.

Plastic bags are just so much stronger than paper. If paper gets wet, it tears. Granted if you’re carrying something really heavy in a custom bag, it can rip, but that’s why we double-bag. And paper bags, at least the ones in that movie, didn’t have any handles. These guys are holding their full paper bags like small children. Whereas if they had plastic bags, they would be better able to handle the load. Handles are geared more to that strongman look, and they’re better for your back; instead of straining to hold a lot of weight with your belly, you’ve got to really work your trapezius, the muscles that flank your neck.

A custom bag made of plastic, with a cute design, is so much more modern than any other style. It’s much more attractive to customers too. Think about this when considering a custom bag and approaching a plastic manufacturer. It can make a big difference in your business.


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Posted on: Monday, August 29th, 2011 at 9:19 am

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