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Plastic Bags Rap

plastic bagsBag it up bag it in, let me begin, if you don’t have any plastic bags that’s a dirty sin. Wicketed bags and tape bags alike are all for the taking, you don’t have to fight. Spurn paper, choose plastic and header bags you’ll see will display to all the name of your company. Printed plastic bags will say whatever you’d like and if you want doorknob bags to hang paper or stuff I’m sure you’ll be satisfied. Resealable bags are great for foodstuffs and you don’t have to worry that there won’t be enough because plastic bags are made by men like you and me, and they don’t hurt the earth when recycled properly. So if you want to carry wise and carry all away, choose poly bag packaging and carry your goods in plastic today.

Bag, bag bag. Bag around.

If the first plastic bag verse wasn’t enough for you then you should let me spit a second, I’m sure that it will do. From plastic envelopes to plastic die cut bags, the resources for plastic carriage are many to be had. What are you waiting for if you don’t have poly bags? Your paper to rip? Because plastic bags don’t do that.

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Posted on: Wednesday, April 27th, 2011 at 9:32 am

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