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Poly Bags Are Part of the Economy

Did you ever stop to think how poly bags are part of the economic spectrum? Neither did I. But it seems like we should probably be thinking about it. All retail stores, not to mention other businesses, use bags in order for people to carry their products.

The type of bags may vary from wicketed bags to self seal bags. But whenever you buy anything, you need to carry it with you. Gone are the days where you take your basket and take a few steps to the local market. Today’s customers go shopping in several locations all in one day. Purchasing clothes, electrical gadgets, and groceries all in one outing. The use of poly bags made it easier for people to carry the products with them as they continue their day. A plastic bag manufacturer is always trying to come up with new forms of plastic bags, and to adapt it to every specific customer. Some may need it to carry TV’s while others to travel with several groceries. The styles constantly change as colors and shapes change. But the necessity of plastic bags is still part of our economy. If people could not carry the products around, they would reconsider purchasing them in the first place. As more people use the bags, it is important to mention that recycling the bags has become part of the overall plastic bag experience, as it should be.

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Posted on: Monday, March 14th, 2011 at 9:00 am

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