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Plastic Bag-Based Tips for Home and Garden Care

plastic bagsWe talk a lot on this blog about why you should hold onto your plastic bags — the reasons are virtually limitless. This week we’re going to discuss how you can use them when sprucing up your house and/or garden.

In the Garden:

Obviously if you’re taking the time to grow fruits and veggies in your garden, you want to be able to eat them, which you won’t be able to do if a bunch of bugs and critters get to them first. Tightly wrap a plastic bag around those tomatoes and strawberries to keep your hungry garden pests at bay.

Tie a plastic bag around each of your knees, so you won’t get soil and dirt on your pants when your digging around.

In the Home:

Seal up your paint cans. The last thing you want when repainting a room is little chips and flecks of hardened paint mucking up what should be an otherwise smooth surface. Pull a plastic bag over the open can, then seal the top over to prevent this. You can also wrap up your paintbrushes or sponges in plastic bags.

Similarly, you can use spread out plastic bags to line your floor when you paint. They’ll more easily protect the floor or carpet from wayward paint splashes than newspaper anyway.

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Posted on: Monday, February 21st, 2011 at 9:00 am

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