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Plastic Bag News From Around the World

plastic bagsAll over the world the debate is raging on: Plastic bags or …not plastic bags? As we discussed last week, Italy started the new year with a ban on polyethylene bags, and dozens of cities in California have also banned plastic bags or placed a fee per bag. Conversely, the mayor of Toronto is considering repealing the city’s 5-cent fee on plastic bags.

“All of a sudden the five cents is really becoming a sticking point with people and it wasn’t really before, so I want to get rid of it,” Ford told the┬áNational Post. “I’m going to change how it’s being implemented right now, put it that way. How we’re going to do it, I’m not quite sure, but we’re definitely going to review it. Because spending five cents and just putting it in the pocket of┬ábusinesses doesn’t make any sense to me.”

Not everyone is sympathetic with Ford’s views. “We think anything that reduces plastic use is a good thing,” Franz Hartmann, executive director of the Toronto Environmental Alliance, said.

Meanwhile, in Southeast Asia, shop managers in the Sultanate report that they’ve seen few customers using recyclable bags, mainly because “they still cannot get use to it.”

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Posted on: Monday, January 3rd, 2011 at 2:41 pm

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