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In Celebration of Polyethylene Bags

Chris Jordan, Plastic Bags

In today’s blog we would like to celebrate the reason we are all here for: Polyethylene Bags. Yes, at Excellent Poly Bag Corp., the name says it all. This company has stayed in business for the past six decades by providing customers with superior quality products. The selection of polyethylene and polypropylene bags at Excellent Poly Bag is second to none.

Why do we love polyethylene bags so much? Well, that’s a great question! These sturdy bags hold up to wear and tear like no other bags on the market. You can insert relatively heavy objects into them and they handle the weight with ease every time. And you want to know the best part? The vibrant colors and daring designs of Excellent Poly Bag’s products allows your company to create a professional yet cutting edge packaging tool for shipping, retail, or internal use.

Your company can choose from a variety of bag types, including wicketted bags, staple pak bags, back flip bags, header bags, hook bags, deposit bags, stand-up pouches, and much more. Each design has been carefully engineered for structure, reliability, and visual appeal. You can customize your polyethylene bags easily with up to 10 colors of print and graphics and a variety of bag colors to choose from in tints or opaques.

Don’t settle for low quality polyethylene bags that make your business look amateurish. Instead, buy from the best and impress your clients from the outset. Sign up for an online bag quote to see how affordable poly bags can be for your business.

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Posted on: Thursday, September 3rd, 2009 at 12:46 pm

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