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What are Plastic header bags?

Plastic header bags are excellent for all you retail needs. They are stylized products that give your merchandise a unique exterior. Ideal for retail and manufacturer packaging, header bags give your business a professional look and feel at an affordable price.

Available in large bulk orders, these Plastic header bags generally have a one to two-inch header printed at the top, with a seal below to divide the bag itself from the hanging header area. A hole is punched for hanging in the middle of the banner as well for easy rod/rack display. The bags are fully customizable with your logo and vibrant colors that will stand up to wear and tear. Header bags come mounted on a punched card for ease of packaging by machine or hand.

By the way, if you have heavier items you’d like to package, you should think about reinforced header bags. These header bags are designed with the same one to two-inch banner at the top, and also have an extra layer of film reinforcement to create a stronger hold. For retailers, this is ideal in preventing sagging for heavier items that will hang from store shelves.

To order header bags with your company logo and design, complete the Excellent Poly Bag online quote contact form. Just answer a few questions about the bags you want and you will receive a fast and easy quote. When you ask for a quote from www.excellentpolybags.com There is no risk involved and the process only takes a few minutes online.

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