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Your audience deserves to read your Print, not what’s left of it

Do you run a local newspaper or flayer distribution company? Stop finding creative ideas to hand out your paper and get professional with a custom newspaper Poly Bag that will take your business into the next step.

Your newspaper can be the best in town, so good that sometimes even dogs like to read it…

And how about snow? Rain? You want your customers to get the paper in the best shape possible. It doesn’t matter how large or small is your print – you can now choose from a large selection of Custom Poly Bag sizes and colors for different newspapers, from the daily sizes to the Saturday and Sunday sizes.

Take a look at this Door Knob Bag:
Door Knob Bags are available in any color, size and thickness. It features a round cut out for easy hanging on door knobs so you can place your paper or advertisements inside and know it’s safe.

For more information, visit us at www.excellentpoly.com where you will find a wide variety of high quality, durable poly bags to choose from. No matter what is your product or purpose, at Excellent Poly Bag Corporation you will always find superior poly bags that fit your needs.

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