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Every Hotel needs a Poly Bag

One of the most basic services in the hotel industry is laundry. Your hotel’s business guests are running on tight schedule and they need your laundry services before that big meeting tomorrow. Are you still handing out regular bags to you guests?

You’ll be interested to know that there are 3 different styles of Poly Bags that hotels use for in room Laundry services and they are all customizable, ready to carry your hotel logo and any further information you may need.

This is the 14 x 24 Perforated Tear Pull Off to tie the bag:

The lip on the bag is made with a perforation in order to remove the lip before closing and sending out the laundry.

The most popular bags are the Poly Draw Tape bags, all can get printed in up to 8 colors:

This is a Poly Draw Tape Bag where you pull the draw tape to close the bag and give it a clean, hygienic look.

The same bag can come with a Cotton Draw String:

This is a plastic bag with string around top brim, allowing bag to be pulled closed while giving the bag a luxurious feel.

For more information, visit us at www.excellentpoly.com where you will find a wide variety of high quality, durable poly bags to choose from. No matter what is your product or purpose, at Excellent Poly Bag Corporation you will always find superior poly bags that fit your needs.

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