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Bagvertising II – Get your ideas out of the bag!

Last week, we’ve gone through some interesting bagvertising ideas – just to get your mind going. This time, our dedicated staff searched the internet, inside out, to bring you the best, craziest and most creative bagvertising campaigns that are out there.

The first one we’ve got, is a bit R rated, but if you run a lingerie store, you can’t really stay PG-13…

This one is also a bit naughty, although I know some ladies who’d like to put some shopping into this bag:

This one is kind of cruel, especially when the summer is around the corner and everybody’s thinking about their swim-suite bod… But turns out if you use that Canderel instead of sugar, you can get that 7 inch waist line.

This one is just plain fun and it demonstrates how flexible the this advertising medium can be only if you dare to think outside the bag.

If you suffer from migraine or constant headaches, you probably know erectly how this poor couple feels:

When you get carry these bags, you carry great responsibly:

“Red Cross – Volunteers Needed”

“Reach Out to Children with Autism”

And last but not least, the next greatest bagvertising campaign:

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