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Bagvertising – Creative marketing using shopping bags

Marketing a business on a shopping bag is an obvious step for retailers and services out there. But while most companies go for the usual bag with a logo/address/have a nice day/ some companies go with a bold idea that can easily amaze a crowd. Some call it “bagvertising.” Take a look at these innovative bag designs, and maybe you’ll get inspired.

Here is a great idea by Wheaties. Even if you don’t have those six-pack abs, this bag will get you in the right direction:

Here’s another bag, this time by a fitness company, that’s going to keep you in shape:

This next bag promotes a Bulgarian beer called Shumensko . Boy, those Bulgarian grandmas love their beer:

This bag was given away in Belgium, when customers were buying a book buy a famous crime writer. I wouldn’t carry this bag in New York though…

Greenpeace want’s you to connect with animals. Carrying this bag, you can’t really say no:

Visit us next week for more fun and creative bag ideas and in the meanwhile, think how Excellent Poly can give your business that extra push. If you are a manufacturer or business looking for custom bags, visit us at www.excellentpoly.com and find a wide variety of high quality, durable poly bags to choose from. No matter what your product or purpose, you will always find superior poly bags that fit your needs.

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