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Keep Your Food Safe with the Right Bags

The forward-thinking plastic bag manufacturer Excellent Poly knows all the best bags to keep your food safe and ready to serve when the time comes.

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Some Creative Uses for Plastic Bags

reusing plastic bagsPlastic bags are not just for carrying out groceries, produce, or whatever items you picked up from the store, they can be used for other purposes as well.  Instead of just throwing away your extra plastic bags you can use them in the following ways:

The number of ways you can use plastic bags can be quite staggering but are all very useful in their way.

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Polypropylene for Air Tight Packaging

Polypropylene Polypropylene containers are commonly used for medical supplies. When you go to the doctor’s office and they remove a fresh syringe or tongue depressor from its packaging, chances are the packaging is made of polypropylene. That is because polypropylene is air tight, won’t leak chemicals over time, is waterproof, and can easily be shaped to accommodate any object.

Even if your business has nothing to do with medical supplies, you can benefit from polypropylene bags and other polypropylene packaging. Anything perishable can have its shelf life extended by poly packaging. Things that are sensitive to moisture or other contaminants can also be protected by polypropylene.

Polypropylene can also easily be coated or combined with other materials. Packaging for some electronics makes use of poly bags coated with an anti-static chemical. Other packages blend poly with fabric to create something soft to the touch but still affordable and durable.

You should talk to a plastic manufacturer about meeting your packaging needs. Polypropylene is a very versatile material. An expert can walk you through the package design process and explain a bit more to you about your options. Don’t be afraid to choose a few examples of plastic packaging already on the market and ask for something similar.

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Resealable Bags: The Best Option for Food-Based Businesses

Recloseble bags We have all had bad experiences with food packaging. You get home from a long day at work and scour your pantry for something sweet to boost your energy. You find some cookies but you are sorely disappointed when you bite into one only to find it is rock hard.

Reclosable bags can prevent this sort of problem from happening. They are much cheaper than packing each individual item (which is also wasteful) and they keep food fresh. While marginally more expensive than conventional packaging but they are well worth it. It is a poor reflection on your product and your company every time your food is consumed in a less then fresh state. You can even get self seal bags for extra convenience.

No matter what kind of food products you offer, having reclosable bags is the right thing to do. It keeps food fresh, helps in portion control and keeps customers happy. They also offer the most cost effective solution to both customers and food providers in regards to issues of food spoiling. Proper packing also means your food travels better and stays on store shelves longer which is good for your bottom line.

For those earning their keep in a food-based business but looking to upgrade, check out Excellent Poly and the plethora of resealable bag options they provide.

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The Advantages of Plastic Tote Bags

polypropylene bagsChances are you have seen people in your neighborhood walking around with tote bags from various charity drives and local organizations. Tote bags are great for summer because they are light and easy to carry. Not to mention they are very fashionable right now. Giving your customers totes is a sure-fire way to ensure they are walking around with your logo dangling from their shoulder. Consult a plastic manufacture about getting affordable tote bags made.

Many successful businesses from PBS to Whole Foods already offer plastic tote bags. They are especially useful if you are in retail because you can ask your customers to bring them back whenever they shop. It means you have to give out fewer bags and they are sporting something with your logo. Your customers will also be happy you are saving plastic and being environmentally friendly.

The great thing about tote bags is their reusability. Even the most durable of polypropylene bags will wear and tear after a few uses. Offering a tote bag allows you to give your customers something with more permanence. Although they are marginally more expensive than more disposable poly bags they are a worthwhile investment. Especially now that it is summer and some many people are wearing tote bags.

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Plastic Envelopes

plastic envelopesFor delivering items in packaging that is both aesthetically appealing and protective the best choice if plastic envelopes. If your business sends a lot of documents or publications through the mail you should consider the benefits of customized plastic envelopes.

No one likes to receive a publication or newsletter dinged and damaged from a brush with the Postal Service. At the very least it will aggravate your clients at and it can even lead to returns or abstention from use of your services in the future. Pictures, magazines, and a host of other documents need the protection provided by plastic envelopes.

Plastic envelopes also provide a higher level of security. You can even add special security features like tamper proof seals. It can take some of the stress out of sending potentially sensitive material through the mail. You could opt for sending such things out digitally but that has its own security risk and some documents need to arrive in hard copy form.

You can customize such envelopes to include your company’s logos. You can also dictate the color scheme, security features, size, and just about everything else. They are more expensive than conventional envelopes but that cost is defrayed by what you save in not having mail damaged.

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Gusset Bags: For Hard to Package Items

gusset bagFor bulky or hard to package items, gusset bags are ideal. They are ideal for items with multiple parts, irregularly shaped items and filling with candy or other foodstuffs. They are highly customizable and you can most definitely find one to suit your needs.

Gusset bags are also ideal for heavy duty items. They can be made with reinforced plastic, should you need it. You can also get smaller, thinner ones for less money. Gussets bags’ high level of customization is the reason behind their popularity. Chances are you have bought foodstuff, gift baskets, and a number of other products in gusset bags. Like all poly bags, gusset bag are completely recyclable which is something your customers will appreciate.

Gusset bags are available in multiple styles depending on your needs. You can get a regular top that ties shut or you can add a special adhesive or zipper to close the pouch. You can opt for clear plastic or get your logo, assembly direction, or other information emblazoned on the bag. You can opt for a flat bottom, like a brown lunch bag, or get a more conventional bag shape. You can talk to plastic manufactures about finding gusset bags what will be ideal for you products.

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Trade Show Bags

custom plastic bagsMake sure you have plenty of custom plastic bags for your next trade show. Branding is important and nothing circulates your brand better than some poly bags emblazoned with your company’s logo. Everyone who stops at your booth will be walking around with a bag that has your logo on it, you simply cannot beat advertising like that.

Custom plastic bags lend an air of professionalism and memorability to your company. Giving a plain plastic bag just isn’t going to cut it. Go into any large retailer and you will get a custom bag. When you take that bag home and reuse it you think of where you got it. The same will be true of the plastic bags you give out at trade shows. Even if customers do not call you immediately you will be on their mind whenever they use your bag.

When ordering a custom bag you can control more than just the logo. You can control the colors, opacity of the materials, dimensions, and style of bag. Do you want a bag with a rope closure? What about something resealable?  Talk to a plastic manufacturer before your next trade show to discuss some options. Chances are it is more affordable than you think!

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Bakery Bags

poly bagsThe food service industry is among the most difficult to find success in. Competition is fierce and today’s consumer has a sophisticated palate. Baking is especially precarious because your products have such a short shelf life. Bakeries that cannot sell or package their goods the same day often throw them out. Even the most delicate meat and fish lasts longer than 24 hours! That is why making sure you have packing bags is important.

Poly bags can dramatically increase the shelf life of your products. The extra time they keep baked goods fresh can be the difference between being able to send such goods to a new state overnight and having to send them to the dump at night. Packaging items right as they leave the oven locks in the fresh bakery aroma and keeps baked goods moist and fresh.

If your local bakery started to develop a reputation, you need to get poly bags for your baked goods. It is the key to getting into new, distant markets. Some of America’s biggest bakeries started as small town, single operations. Maybe your company could be next? It’s all a matter of making sure people can try your products at the peak of freshness.

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Protective Poly Mailers

poly mailersPoly mailers are the ideal choice for sending business materials undamaged. They can withstand water, temperature change and rough handling without being damaged. If you are sending sensitive materials through the mail, don’t risk damaging them with ordinary envelopes.

Excellent Poly offers a number of poly mailers so finding one ideal for your product is easy. They offer re-sealable zip closures, adhesive closures, reinforced poly bags and other customization features. Most high end businesses already use poly mailers. High-end magazines, corporate materials and other items are just too costly to risk damaging. How many times have you received a publication in the mail that was battered beyond recognition? Make sure this never happens to your customers.

Poly mailers also have more visual appeal to customers. Chances are you get a lot of junk mail in nondescript envelopes. When you use poly mailers you can customize them with your logo and have them stand out amidst the mail box clutter.

In just about 3 weeks Excellent Poly can have your custom poly mailers printer and ready to go. In emergency situations they can have them delivered in just two weeks. For non-printed bags, that time can be as short as 3 days! Order now and stop worrying about goods being damaged in transit.

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